Thoughts from a funeral.

Today went to the celebration service for Bill, my friend Nolas husband of 58 years. During the service a little baby with its head peeking over his/her mothers shoulder caught my eye.

As one man’s life adventure came to a close another’s was just beginning.

Someone I used to know moaned about their life being halfway over and not having done this of that and dreamt of a life of freedom.

As I looked at that little baby and a church full to capacity to standing room only at the back and I heard of this family man and his four children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren I thought to myself, I’m glad that approaching my half way mark in me has drawn me closer to my loved ones, not from them.

It makes me appreciate the fragility of life and ensuring that time with those I loved is treasured.

Such a wonderful life as Bills can never be captured in a half hour service and I hope the family find peace in recounting stories and memories of such a great man who always had a smile on his face when I saw him :)

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